Our company specializes in the production of conveyor systems for meat processing factories, catering to a wide range of capacities, from small farms to high-volume meat-cutting factories. Cutting conveyor for meat

We offer our customers both single equipment and complex conveyor systems, designed to automate the production process. Our equipment range covers everything from cutting to packaging of products, including storage in warehouses and shipping containers.

Conveyors for meat cuts and carcasses are used to transport cuts, quarters, and carcasses after cutting into larger parts to operator work desks. Our team develops the conveyor line according to customer specifications, taking into consideration the layout of the department, equipment grouping, and initial product characteristics.

Our cutting conveyor with a work desk is ideal for deboning and trimming meat in continuous production lines. It enables efficient processing of meat in the smallest possible area with minimal staff. The dimensions of the conveyor are dependent on the number of work desks and the cutting line's capacity.

The conveyor comprises three layers, including a roller conveyor for transporting plastic boxes with meat products, a belt conveyor for meat, and a gravity roller conveyor for supplying empty boxes.

Cutting tables for operators are placed on the sides of the conveyor.

Our standard work desk includes a stainless steel frame, a removable table top with technological holes for waste, stands for boxes, and a stand with anti-skid mesh for staff.

We also offer conveyors for plastic boxes that are used in factories with intense flows of returnable boxes. For transportation, we use conveyors with plastic chains or drive roller conveyors, while gravity roller conveyors are used for accumulation. We can develop a complex conveyor system for our customers, ranging from simple conveyors to complex automation systems.

Our conveyor equipment can perform tasks such as giving empty boxes in the cutting area, leading boxes with products to the warehouse, storing boxes, and giving them to automatic washing and drying.

Our circular accumulative conveyor with modular belts is used for accumulating finished products at the packaging stage or stacking them in transport containers. We take pride in the quality of our production and components, which meet all sanitary standards. Our conveyors come at a low cost and have short delivery times, with a fast return on investment of up to two years.


To order, please contact our sales department by phone at + 371 28014638, or by e-mail info@bcsconveyor.com