Multilayer cutting conveyorsMultilayer cutting conveyors are widely utilized in poultry farms and meat processing industries for the transportation of various parts of the products such as chicken parts, whole chicken, half-chicken, and quarters to the work desks for deboning and trimming. To ensure an uninterrupted process, belt conveyors or modular conveyors are utilized in combination with cutting desks made from stainless steel or high molecular polyethylene. In the course of the meat processing, tables for deboning the meat are positioned along one half of the conveyor while tables for trimming are located along the other half.



Cutting meat conveyor

Usually, cutting conveyors are made of three-layer: the lower layer for removing processed meat products in boxes, the medium - for giving meat to work desks, and the top - for giving of empty trays to the work desks.

 Deboning and trimming meat conveyor

Multilayer conveyor for deboning and trimming meat

The advantage of its use is the maximum automation and optimization of production, increase staff productivity, and strict accounting of incoming raw materials and product after the cutting. For conveyor deboning and trimming meat is used as belt PVC or plastic modular belt.
For two-layer conveyors, the upper belt is for transporting parts of meat and bones obtained after deboning; the lower serves for trimmed meat. Bones are discharged at the end of the conveyor in boxes for sawing or crushing.


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