Chain conveyors are used to transport a variety of unit products, and such loads as: pallets, boxes, cases, etc.

Chain conveyors

The peculiarity of chain conveyors is that its traction and at the same time supporting unit is a chain, the load is moved along it. Depending on the type of load and on the size of load the chain conveyor can be a two- or multiple line. The maximum load in this case can reach several tons.

Depending on the customer's wishes and peculiarities of its production, our company offers several types of chain conveyors: for packaging, conveyors for unit loads, for storage and accumulative.

The chain conveyor can be used as an independent equipment, as well as is part of a system together with belt conveyors, roller conveyors and other transportation equipment.

In the chain conveyors are used different types of chains, depending on the weight and type of load: single- and double-row chains, equipped with rubber cover, a variety of devices. Also, this type of conveyor has a tough solid steel frame, which allows to withstand heavy loads.

Advantages of chain conveyors:

  • High capacity and reliability
  • Moving heavy loads
  • Moving loads with high temperature
  • Simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance
  • Low price


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