Accurate work of logistics, warehouses of primary products and finished products at the factories is impossible without modern automation. Wide range of products, high-intensity flows of loads and shortage of warehouse space imposes stringent requirements on the organization of work in the warehouse. With the help of conveyor systems can significantly optimize flows of loads, reduce the loss of time and the number of staff.

The main tasks of automated conveyor systems in warehouse logistics is increasing the efficiency of the following processes:

  1. Acceptance of loads;
  2. Moving loads in the warehouse;
  3. Stock-taking;
  4. Sorting;
  5. Storage;
  6. Forming the order;
  7. Giving the order for shipping

At every stage the conveyor systems allow reduce operating costs. Our company is engaged as complex automation with using conveyor systems, so supply of conveyor systems for the optimization of separate operations.

The use of conveyor systems

  1. Loading and unloading of trucks

To easing loading and unloading the best to use following equipment:

  • Sliding gravity roller conveyors for accumulating boxes;
  • Telescopic mobile conveyors allow the loads supplied directly to the truck without unnecessary manual operations

We are also ready to offer customers non-typical solutions for the optimization of loading and unloading operations.

      2. Transporting of pallets

For efficient transporting wood pallets with/without products we offer the following:

  • Receiving station
  • Chain conveyors
  • Roller for heavy loading
  • Automatic lifts
  • Cassette buffer for pallets
  • Station for turn-over pallets
  • Station for turning pallets

Depending on the task we can make as separate conveyor, so integrated conveyor system.

      3.Warehouse for finished products at the bakery

Warehousing at the baking factories has several features arising from the specific products with low shelf life. The process of acceptance the product from factory is continuous and takes place an accumulation of products in the warehouse. At the same time occurs a formation of the shipping in accordance with the order. Because of the variety range of products in the modern bakery, the task of optimal organization of warehouse logistics can be very serious. With the help of conveyor systems you can optimal organize of  product storage.

     4.Refrigerated Warehouses

Low-temperature warehouses of finished products are widely used in meat, fish, milk and other food industries. Feed product at warehouse available with the help of various mobile trucks (stackers, forklifts, etc.), or by conveyor systems. Advantages of conveyors are obvious:

  • Products is less time in the department at above-zero temperature;
  • Reduces the loss of the cold when the doors are opened;
  • Free passages and corridors;
  • More efficient use of warehouse space

To transport the products in boxes and cases are best used modular conveyors and roller conveyors.

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