Cooling tunnels are crucial pieces of equipment used in the confectionery and bakery industries to decrease the temperature of products before they are packaged. These tunnels are typically used for small-sized products that require a cooling time of no more than 25 minutes. However, for products that require a longer cooling time, it is recommended to install a spiral conveyor equipped with an air conditioning system.

Construction parameters are calculated based on the customer's specifications, which should include the following information:

  • Product parameters (type, weight, dimensions, inlet temperature)
  • Capacity
  • Required outlet temperature
  • Laying product on the belt (row width, the distance between rows)
  • The temperature and humidity in the department
  • The height of the entrance and exit conveyor
  • The layout of other equipment in the department
  • Suggestions for overall dimensions (in the case of limitation on the layout)

According to received information we will calculate the parameters of the cooling tunnel:

  1. Conveyor length
  2. Type of conveyor belt
  3. The width of the conveyor belt
  4. Conveyor speed
  5. The type and capacity of the air conditioning system
  6. Schema and dimensions of airways
  7. Air flow rate

A cooling tunnel is a type of conveyor system with a modular belt that passes through an air-conditioned area. The air in the area circulates in a closed circuit, with the cold air flowing in the opposite direction to the movement of the conveyor. This configuration provides more efficient cooling of the products being transported. The heated air is returned to the heat exchanger through the lower part of the airway, and after passing through the exchanger, the cooled air is supplied to the area where the products are being transported.

Usually, the cooling tunnel is installed as part of an automated production line to reduce manual labor. To link the tunnel with other equipment, such as packaging and automation units, conveyors with PVC or modular belts are used. The optimal configuration of equipment depends on various parameters and is tailored to each specific task.

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