The belt conveyor is an incredibly versatile transport system that finds applications in all kinds of industries for a wide variety of tasks. Whether it's the movement of piece goods like boxes and plastic containers, or continuous products like loose materials and unpacked goods, the belt conveyor is up to the task. Belt conveyors

One of the greatest advantages of the belt conveyor is its flexibility. It can be equipped with additional hinged equipment, loading and unloading devices, and can operate at various speeds to suit different needs. However, the most important component of the conveyor is the belt itself, which must be carefully selected based on the properties of the materials being transported, the load per meter, the operating conditions, the speed of transfer, and other factors.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of conveyor belts available, so it's always possible to find the most suitable option for a reasonable price. Depending on the task at hand, smooth or corrugated belts with flights or corrugated sides may be used. And to ensure reliable operation over the long term, every belt conveyor is equipped with a tension device that allows for adjustments to balance out lengthening over time.

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