Z-shaped lifting conveyorZ-shaped lifting conveyor designed to lift at a predetermined height different products. Successfully operated in all industries. It conforms all the requirements for the equipment for the production of food. All components in contact with the product are certified.


  • Supply products in hopper multihead dozer;
  • Transporting flakes, chips, popcorn, etc.;
  • Transportating jellies, marmalades, seeds, nuts, cereals, etc.;
  • Transportating of vegetables, fruits, salads, etc.;
  • Transportating of tablets, dragees, capsules, etc.;
  • Transporting animal feed

The design of conveyor belts is simple, reliable and has low maintenance. Station belt tension allows quickly compensate stretching the belt during operation.

To order Z-shaped lifting conveyor, you need to send an e-mail your requirements specification to bcsconveyor@inbox.lv, call by phone +371 66 016 253 or use order form.