Grid conveyorsGrid conveyors are used for confectionery production, meat half-finished production, fish production, cleaning and packing vegetables, etc. We supply conveyor with metallic mesh as a part of automated conveyor systems, and in the form of separate conveyors.

Grid conveyors are identical to the belt conveyors on the principle of action. Traction and load-carrying device is a woven metal mesh,moving which is carried out by the movement of the drive shaft with polyamide pinions. The movement of the grid occurs on plastic rails with a low coefficient of friction or on support rollers. Tension is provided by a special tightening conveyor section.

The main advantage of these conveyors is the ability to operate over a wide temperature range, from shock freezing chamber (-35 degrees) up to the baking tunnel oven (200 degrees). Due to it the grid conveyors are has not competition at high temperatures. Some typical examples of using grid conveyors: output conveyor from oven , drying machine, conveyor for boiler.

With grid conveyors are possible to realize different ways for moving products: straight, turning, tilt, spiral. It allows organizing the optimal moving of product  along the production line, based on the layout of the production department.

There are many types of grids designed for a variety of technological and transportation problems. A wide range of structures, material and options allows selecting the grid for each task. The initial data for determining the type of grid are:

  1. Product characteristics
  2. Capacity
  3. Method of product laying on the belt
  4. Terms of use
  5. Width of grid
  6. Type of product processing

Grids can be classified according to the following characteristics:

  • Material
  • Type weaving
  • The degree of openness
  • Type of edge
  • Motion path
  • Size (diameter of the wire, number of locks, etc.) depends on the load, the length of the conveyor and structure properties. Typically, the diameter of the wire is chosen with a reserve to ensure reliable operation of the equipment.

Our specialists are always glad to help you make the best choice of grid conveyor to solve any tasks.

Advantages of grid conveyors:

  • Reliability and durability;
  • Open structure;
  • Wide temperature range;
  • High energy efficiency;
  • High sanitation;
  • Сhemical resistance

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